The Objective Is Simple: – Get More Customers Back In Your Shop .


Nikhil Yadav Vlogs is a way to promote the upgrades to the Woman clothing in the last 6 months. Our main concern will be to make sure the end product really demonstrates the quality of the Product.

The way we’ll do this is by highlighting certain elements of the Shop and Product which people commonly associate with quality. The video will be promoted on YouTube as well as Facebook video.

This gives it the exposure it needs. we are running this channel from last 1 year and almost we have uploaded 300+ videos . This is a Channel Related to wholesale market video in which we explore products of wholesale market and customer order products through video. In which You get leads from the customer.

We will update your phone no+ address in our video so customer can get in touch with you for orders.

The Shoot

DIFFERENT SHOTS – What makes a video look interesting is a variety of shots.

You need to have the right shot, for the right moment.  We’ll use a range of equipment to capture these moments.  We Will Use Professional Camera to Shoot videos for your Products.


We’ll be able to capture everything we need in 1 Hr in a day.  On that day, we’ll need to pinpoint things that need prior arrangement. Things like shots of Your Products ,Price Range , Payment option  and certain staff performing certain actions. We can discuss this at the pre-production meeting.

The Edit


Our job is to ensure everything we’ve shot looks as high quality as possible. The edit will allow us to arrange the moments we’ve captured to take the viewer on the most engaging journey possible.


The purpose of your video is to get as many people watching it as possible.  When we export your video for Facebook, we’ll use a slightly different beginning because of the way Facebook shows video in the news feed. We’ll also create 5 mini 20-30 second videos for you to use in your various social media channels when talking about specific parts of your Shop.

The Marketing


Every piece of marketing needs a call to action. A simple instruction to the reader or viewer to tell them what to do next if they are interested. Your videos are no different.

A relevant call to action will be displayed at the end of each version of your videos for use depending on where


On YouTube, we’ll look to use their advertising programme to push your video in front of people meeting a certain marketing criteria.We’ll ensure that all “video SEO” is done on your video making sure it’s tagged correctly to maximise the number of visitors from potential customers.

FACEBOOK -We’ll be using Facebook Ads to push your video and a link to your website to people who meet certain interests. Those interests could be people who are in your local area who ‘like’ Your stuff . As mentioned before, we’ll graphically have a slightly different call to action at the end because the link is in a different place on Social Media .

Your Investment

Our pricing follows the industry standard of day-rates as a basis but we issue you a fixed quote. For More Info Contact Team On +91-8585971183